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How to Quantum Engineer a Universe

Understand Physics and Astronomy (the more you know the better). Add previously stated observations that don’t defy common logic. Create possibilities that can not be disproven. Combine or revise observations with different layers of physics. Add your own if you can. Good Luck…
& Remember if the box has yet to be opened only God knows if the cat is actually dead or alive.

Quantum Mechanics

Max Plank founded quantum mechanics with the discovery of black body radiation and the electromagnetic spectrum. He was the leader of the greatest scientific continuity in Germany, perhaps the world in his time. In the front row;

Max Planck, Marie Curie, Hendrik Lorentz, Albert Einstein.
Schrödinger, Pauli, Heisenberg, Dirac, de Broglie, Born, & Bohr.

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1927 Solvay Conference on Quantum Mechanics
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
The more accurately the position is determined, the less precisely the momentum will be known, and vice versa… In other words, you can’t prove exactly where a particle is going to end up.

Schrödinger’s Cat
A thought experiment that suggest the position of a particle is not unlike a cat in box with a radioactive Gieger counter, according to quantum mechanics the cat is both dead and alive at the same time; In a quantum superposition as a result of a random subatomic event which may or may not occur. Schrödinger coined the term Verschränkung (entanglement) in the course of developing the thought experiment.

Quantum Mechanics: Schrödinger’s Equation

Neils Bohr-Einstein Debate
One day two scientists got into a rousing discussion about new technology changing the way we think about physics, from very precise to considering relative motion; Einstein revealed that new technology revealed we could study the physics of undiscovered energies in the cosmos, Neils Bohr argued that physics shall never be able to prove entanglement;
Quantum entanglement suggests that particles are connected, Einstein believed we can determine their exact position within a degree of certainty, if we apply relativity, collect some data by observing the nature of the objects in question, and their fundamental interactions. Than it might become possible to determine their exact state at any moment. Therefore the ultimate goal of quantum mechanics or particle physics is;

The Unified Field Theory

  1. A Complete Model of the Universe (Quantum Mechanics)
  2. Grand Unification (Four Fundamental Forces)
  3. Going Back in Time to Save the Future in Theory
  4. Unified Field of Consciousness
  5. Universal Equation

Stick to the great scientists, from the pioneers of quantum mechanics to Maxwell and friends.

Before the emergence of Quantum Mechanics I imagine every scientist was releasing their own laws of the universe to describe nature. It must have been more natural to aspire to write a coherent law of the universe when there was still uses for electricity yet to be discovered.
Faraday derived the original version of Maxwell’s 3rd equation, he merged the forces of electricity and magnetism with his experiment. But maybe you’d rather refer to Einstein’s space time unification in general relativity. Experimental progress yields better results than purely theoretical physics.

Einstein, and several other scientists, worked on the problem of unification. In 1918, Hermann Weyl proposed a unification scheme based on a generalization of Riemannian geometry. Inspired by Weyl’s work, Theodor Kaluza showed that by extending space-time to five dimensions, one could produce the Einstein equations in four dimensions, plus an extra set of equations that is equivalent to Maxwell’s equations for electromagnetism. The fifth dimension would be compact, curled up so small that we can’t detect it. Oskar Klein later refined this idea. By referencing these scientists some believe they can create a purely mathematical model of the universe, sort of like creating calculus all over again.

Which brings me to the continuity of modern science. Using 10 or 11 dimensional theories many scientists hope to verifiable evidence of the unverifiable. Remember that fifth dimensions curled up so small you couldn’t detect it? Well there was a lot of scientist that built hypothesis after hypothesis based on that. Many terms such as Neutrino, tachyon, dark matter, antimatter, and the propagation of invisible strings are used to describe effects faster than the speed of light. It has become increasingly relevant that one no longer needs to formulate the strong nuclear force or gravitons because these are entirely fictional concepts that have widely different interpretations. It is impossible to prove the exact age of the universe; And therefore some scientists spend their entire lives trying to prove pseudo science or metaphysics. We might never be able to know what makes Super Kamiokande glow or LIGO flow.

On Cosmic Consciousness

Neuroscience is the study of conjunctive behavioural functions, just like the unified field theory there are vastly different interpretations of psychology based on the nervous system, flowing of fluids, electromagnetic conductivity, and chemical reactions called neuroplasticity. Some believe that the human brain is a map of the universe itself; Others focus on purely verifiable experimental data on the two main neurotransmitters, serotonin and dopamine. These theoretical compounds describe a state of mind we can observe through brain scans. Through out history all of the greatest minds have been held back by baseless information being taken for granted. It is through a major correction in the development of intellectuality that one becomes great, not through the denial of great ideas. You should realize the basis of gravity, relativity, and the speed of light, will continue to be taken for granted by scientists looking for evidence to support their own claims. For a long time this made it seem that a complete theory of everything is impossible because the whole continuity of science contradicts itself much faster than it lends support for new ideas.

I present to you a universe where anything is possible through the acceptance of great scientists. Astronomy is a giant pool and from it you are supposed to make a logical observation to further our understanding of the universe. Now you are truly free to quantum engineer any possibility in theory. I encourage you to be extremely logical, critical, and most of all entertaining. Whatever you do, don’t take this kind of science too seriously, you should be passionate about your work and not force it; Otherwise it won’t be practical science.

At The Edge of The Cosmic Horizon

All is dust. Matter becomith scattered; Energy is existence, Photon hidden within it. I hypothesize that we will never encounter sentient alien life because any elemental composition will become ruptured and eventually become apart of the edge of time and space. Without energy, matter won’t be able to exist. The universe is essentially a chain of chemical reactions much larger that we can possibly imagine, although the invention of nuclear technology changed a lot of people’s minds to begin with, I must divert that is unnatural and not proper science. The principal goal of quantum mechanics should be to apply principal of conservation, while entertaining the idea it is broken according to the uncertainty principal.

Many scientists believed that energy conservation is broken because when electrons change position, the atomic structure changes, and it is possible for elements to change forms. I determine that is impossible to know if the exchanged electron followed energy conservation or not. You will never know the precise nature of quantum mechanics in that regard.

The sun was essentially a giant nuclear bomb, the supernova which created our galaxy was apart of a much bigger system, which might be apart of another system, that exact answer could be as hard to find as the meaning of life. For not unlike the atom there might be a string hidden underneath, but you would never know so decide for yourself. For you could ask yourself, what is the meaning of the meaning of life? Or what is the undetectable dimension curled up beneath the string, but such things are irrelevant. The field of quantum mechanics encompasses chemistry, physiology, psychology, possibilities, and through those fields it covers everything. So just one cutting edge invention that prevents a new possibility to apply energy conservation and create renewable resources or purely recyclable energy is proper science.

Through the integration of chemical reactions changing the basis of our surrounding we hope to interact with the elements and make the very blanket of space itself an engine. As our own bodies consume the air we breath, the food we eat, and leave waste residue, we want to find a way to learn to live luxuriously in the deep reaches of space and time. To make that dream possible we want to protect our planet by informing the people around us.

Principal of Possibilities (Quantum Experts Only)

So I present a possibility whereby all equations have failed in at least one instance. Although even the tiniest field could consist of hundreds of entangled particles all acting together in the strangest fashion perhaps there are a few fundamental interactions you can observe. As hot air rises, water separates itself from oil, and maybe the way bees communicate perhaps if we keep studying nature than one day we can obtain relevant information from an incomplete model of quantum mechanics that defines one specific area. You could create any kind of equation to make a mathematical representation which is imperfect so long as you have observed some relevant information.

So maybe I’m not sure about Maxwell’s equations, differential variation, I don’t think everything in the universe =0, I can’t take the Principal of Relativity for granted, but I still love Einstein’s work. He is tied for my favourite scientist with Mr. Issac Newton. So keep on writing =0, it sounds better than 0 to infinity. Make me 12 more cosmological constants, that round it off in inertia mathematically. I just hope you guys realize what you’re doing.

Additionally I present the possibility of quantum classical fusion, from 7 distinct realms; History, philosophy, astronomy, cosmology, chemistry, & quantum mechanics. You can work within 1 or all 7 realms. Unlike string theory I choose Issac Newton to define gravity, and Albert Einstein to go above and beyond with General Relativity. Unlike Einstein my theory of gravity works within principal of uncertainty and adds another layer of scientific evidence after Schrödinger, which works within the field of quantum mechanics and the Copenhagen interpretation; The position of a particle in a gravitational wave is uncertain, but I’m going to use Newton’s universal law to calculate it anyway. This is a joke made to make a point, this kind of physics should be for fun. Quantum mechanics will go on forever! For so long as the dream goes on in just one mind, it has not died in theory.

So you can start from scratch, and wipe everything off the chalk board or reference whatever you think is logical. Unlike the normal field that we observe with our eyes I believe there is a geometry (which consists of a grand quantity of different intersections, many of which are still invisible with our current technology) by observing particle collisions (even on small scales) we can determine some relations. But these unlikely occurrences reveal almost no relevant information. Get out into the field experiment and invent! Follow the natural progression of science and make a hypothesis with all your knowledge of science combined!!!

And so there were 4 layers of physical consciousness

In the first age Aristotle became “the first man to coin the universe”
Galileo challenged Aristotle in “dialogue between two chief world systems”
Newton overcame Galileo with his prevailing theory of motion.
Einstein answered Newton with his research on General Relativity.
Einstein is next is line to be challenged. Let the dreamers keep on dreaming!


Since the Large Hadron Collider has failed to produce any conclusive evidence after several runs. I believe it is time for an even more ambitious interpretation of our universe, from our best and brightest young minds bare new theories that will change the course of history as we know, it’s time to give the most intellectual science back to the people, bring back the universal law of attraction for the sake of love and the sanctity of marriage, give people the philosophy they need to obtain that graduate’s perspective on physics in just one lesson. I employ you to bring an end to what I call the Einstein conspiracy by pulling an Einstein all over again and making physics understandable. Once you can prove that is possible than anything will become possible, and that is what Einstein did.


So it works like this NASA is just trying to maintain their budget everyone want to go to Mars but they keep hugging near Earth orbit clinging to the inner atmosphere because we are afraid to make the next step, and while that’s been happening the continuity of physics is just a bunch of independent projects, the economy is going under and just like those observatories that go closed down after the 70s these new projects are repeating the same mistakes. Yet every time the money goes to a few young theorists we should all be more happy to hear that by some ingenuity the military budget could spare a dime for science. So every employed researcher, teacher, professional astrophysicist, and pessimist can just pick a side, and no one has to agree with anything, but that won’t even fuck with my theory of everything; Because the point is clearly for you to experience physics and astronomy for yourself, and to lead you on to believe anyone can do it. You just do it for fun… While all those professionals can just do the typical contradictions, they can go completely Copenhagen. I don’t care, I’ve quantum engineered a universe right past them. So let the scientists keep writing their language, let them do the things they do because of Maxwell, Einstein, Special Relativity, and history. I’ll be trying to give the universe back to the people, I’ll be trying to popularize the most intellectual science, and I’ll make it romantic like Einstein introducing quantum mechanics…


That’s the attitude. G² is my Approximate Universal Constant for Divine Mechanics; A challenge to Max Plank’s Quantum Mechanics that includes them with classical mechanics to make the perfect fusion. The equation is a fundamental expression of Albert Einstein’s happiest moment of his life;



Theory of Divinity is a grand unification theory that includes the four fundamental forces; Gravity, Electromagnetism, Strong, and Weak nuclear forces from the pulse that gives birth to the singularity. G² covers experimental field data from ingenuity according to the Principal of Possibilities. But this was just supposed to be a basic introduction to quantum mechanics in the beginning so please steal my work and make it better!